If you are looking to create a bot for a specific function or task, then you have the option of going the custom way or using a bot creation site. Many people are choosing bot creation sites because of a number of reasons. The following highlight 3 reasons why boat creation sites are becoming very popular.

Bot Ability

With bot creation becoming more and more popular each day, lots of people are joining the bandwagon. Because of this, lots of Multi-channel Messaging bot creation sites are enhancing their features to help people build powerful bots that can perform a number of dynamic tasks or functions. In the past, it was quite difficult to find a bot creation platform with advanced features but that is not the case today. If you are still not sure as to whether to use a bot creation platform or not then you can check out some of the excellent bots built by such platforms online. Just search a bot directory online and you'll find lots of complex bots made from bot creation Platforms.


The cost of building Bot Platform is probably zero. That is not the case if you opt to go with custom development. Custom bots will likely cost a lot of money since you have to contract programmers to do the job. Platforms usually charge users based on continued usage or on per transaction basis. Meaning building and testing a bot will likely not cost you money. Because of this, building bots on platforms is quite advantageous and less risky since you'll only pay money if your bot  works. On the other hand, you can spend plenty of money on programmers yet they may fail to deliver what you exactly want.


When deciding whether to go the custom way or use a bot creation site, you  have to  factor time. Custom bot development will likely take a lot of time compared building a bot using a platform. If you have limited time to come up with a bot then  it is highly recommended that you with boat creation platforms. Such platforms allow you to build bots quickly and conveniently. Ultimately, bot creation platforms will continue to improve up to the point that it won't be necessary to  go the custom way. At the moment most bot creation sites can create very complex bots to say the least.