Though relatively new, the Chatbot industry is a rapidly growing one. There are plenty of opportunities for developers to create virtual assistants that can help end-users with numerous tasks, including booking travel, ordering meals, or reading horoscope. So, if you've not yet figured out what you need to do to create your first bot and deploy it for use, here are few initial steps for you to take:

Find a Free Bot Builder

If you're beginner, you certainly don't wish to spend your money on a premium Free Bot Builder while still learning on the job. The best starting point for you is a free bot builder that offers all the resources you need to hit the ground running.

Find Instructions for Bot Creation

There's no great bot building platform that assumes everyone is a master bot developer. As such, identify the instructions for bot creation that your preferred platform provides. You may be offered video tutorials as well as text-based manuals that outline the basic steps for you to get started. Know about Instructions for bot creation here!

Find Bot Templates

Building any application from the ground up can be tricky for a beginner. And even if you're an experienced developer, starting from scratch will involve a lot of work and time. That's why you'll find bot templates very useful. These templates carry the basic functions, features, interface, and entities that the majority of consumer or enterprise applications require.


Make sure that your preferred bot platform provides support to developers. Whether this support is delivered via email, web chat, or telephone, you need it to be able to work around the offered platform without glitches.

Developer Community

How many developers are also using your bot platform to create virtual assistants, multi-channel messaging apps, and other common meaningful applications? The higher the number of developers using your bot builder, the more support you can enjoy from them. Ideally, the best bot platform provides bot forums where developers may interact, ask and answer questions, and share their expertise and experiences.

Find a Bot Directory

There are many bots in the market today, and finding one can be a challenge. If you need your innovation to be easily noticed, you need to find a bot directory and submit your bot there.

 If you're interested in starting to build bots, the above steps are important to take. But you have to start by identifying a free bot builder with complete guides and developer support.